And Now?

As if the long list of events to place under the heading of “collapse” was not enough, now we have a Supreme Court of the United States making decisions that could well be disastrous.

We are already facing collapse on various fronts, including ocean degradation, species loss, climate crisis, open pit mining, scarcity of fresh water, natural catastrophes across the globe on an unprecedented level, racism, fracking, polarization, economic meltdown, ice melting. Add to the list the strong erosion of democracy.

Against the will of the majority of Americans, the Supreme Court yesterday announced significant change to what can be considered sacrosanct under the “original” intentions of the constitution. They effectively removed the ability of states to construct their own laws regarding concealment of firearms, effectively opening the floodgate for further constitutional interpretation that disagrees with many. Today, they announced the removal of the constitutional right of a woman to have a legal abortion.

Next week this ultra conservative SCOTUS is set to rule on the effective authority of the Environmental Protection Agency. Is there any reason to believe that this pro-gun, pro-corporate panel of jurists will not remove the opportunity for Americans of all stripes to be protected by an agency that was built to do just that?

As I witness the collapse all around me of the world that I grew up with, I am becoming more aware of the importance of staying grounded, moving into a place of acceptance, taking the actions that are mine to do, and connecting with local people. Folks far smarter than I are showing the keen importance of creating social groups in locals across the globe that can share skills, good soil, fresh water, ceremony, connection and awareness. After all, it would be folly to believe that the capitalist/short term thinking society that we have lived in for so many decades is actually willing to look after the average American. It is up to each of us to find our own level and measure of sustainability, resilience and adaptation. Local community is a good place to start. And now?

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